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Presscloud has entered into a collaboration with Clipit. This ensures that you won't miss any publication.

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Clipit and Presscloud are now collaborating. Thanks to Clipit's smart tools, you can be certain that you won't miss any publications.

PR software and the knowledge of Presscloud
Presscloud has a simple mission: to make PR accessible for everyone. PR is a great marketing tool and a wonderful way to gain recognition, but it isn't accessible to everyone. Our user-friendly software, which you can use for free, will guide you.

But software alone is not enough. Compare Presscloud to IKEA. Have you ever tried to assemble a bookshelf without a manual? It's a daunting task. That's why Presscloud teaches you everything you need to know about PR, so you don't need a PR agency anymore and can take control of your external communications yourself.

Clipit has a better search capability than Google
Clipit specializes in media monitoring and has about eighteen years of experience. Clipit's handy tools give you insight and an overview of all your media performances at a glance.

We've been using Clipit for a while and are very pleased with the results. The benefits of Clipit include:
  • All your publications in a convenient overview;
  • All online publications, but often Clipit also finds print publications;
  • The publications are provided with a media value. This way, you can see the returns on your PR campaign. As you can see, you save tremendous amounts by using PR;
  • Clipit is ten times better than Google News. Did you know that Clipit also checks newsletters? And it finds a number of publications that you would miss with the search engine? 
In practice, it looks like this. The first value (for example: 13,992) is the advertising value, the second value is the CPM (cost per thousand clicks in that medium).

Became curious? Start a Clipit subscription now in the Presscloud dashboard and don't miss out on any more publications. Clipit is included with every PRO subscription at Presscloud. Those using Essential can access Clipit for 25 euros per month.

Small & large businesses trust Presscloud

Whether you are a sole proprietor, startup, or the communications advisor of a 3000+ employee company, Presscloud has the right solution for your communication needs.





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"Just one hour after we sent out the message via Presscloud, we were already called by Editie NL!"
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"Presscloud taught me how to write a good press release. The tips and tricks from Presscloud really helped me to get the attention of the public!"

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