Four Examples of Inspiring Content

Informative content isn't the only type that scores. In this blog, you'll read how to make the news with inspiring content. These four examples of inspiring content will get you started.

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Informative content isn't the only type that scores. In this blog, you'll read how to make the news with inspiring content. These four examples of inspiring content will get you started.


Inform or Inspire

The 'laws of content marketing' dictate that good content either informs or inspires. I previously wrote about content that informs: this content gives an opinion or shares qualitative or quantitative information. In this article, you'll read more about how inspiring content catches media attention.

Essential for this form is that the produced content is truly distinctive and engaging. For example, that you're moving to a new office may seem like inspiring content, but – sorry, not sorry – it's only inspiring to you. Ask yourself: would I, as a reader of this news, tell my roommate/partner/child/pet/houseplant/friends about it? In other words: is it shareable?


These examples of shareable content generated attention in the national press.


1: The Building Heroes pimped-out construction trailer

Building Heroes, a construction staffing agency, aims to improve the humble construction trailer. To generate attention for their message, they literally tackled the construction trailer by launching a search for the most mediocre construction trailer and awarding the company with the most mediocre one a pimped-out version. The press release below tells you more, as well as the engaging segment on Beau van Erven Dorens' show.


Seebregts Carpentry Works winner of 'Most mediocre construction trailer in the Netherlands'

Building Heroes gives construction heroes a beautiful and new trailer


Building Heroes called on the construction industry to vote for the most mediocre construction trailer in the Netherlands. The company now announces the winner: Seebregts Carpentry Works from Hengelo officially has the most mediocre trailer. The intermediary and trainer of professionals in construction, infrastructure, and real estate aims to elevate the standard of construction trailers and did not leave the trailer itself untouched. The firm is replacing the most mediocre construction trailer in the Netherlands with a lunch trailer that lacks nothing in luxury.


2: Brandfirm works in Bali

Every year, the Amsterdam-based marketing agency Brandfirm heads to Bali to escape the winter blues. Is that informative? No, but it certainly is inspiring (and envy-inducing). Especially in February, when the winter is at its peak, media are often open to sharing this message. You can find the beginning of the press release below. It led to publicity in many national magazines – and in 2019 even crossed borders, with publications in France.


Brandfirm lets employees work in Bali for three months to prevent winter blues

Working holiday of an online marketing agency contributes to employee happiness


According to research, one in three Dutch people suffer from winter blues. That's why, from today, Brandfirm's employees will work in Bali for three months. This contributes to a good atmosphere, which has a lot of impact on job satisfaction and performance for young employees.


3: Virtually every PR campaign by Pockies

Pockies, the brand known for boxers with pockets, knows better than anyone the power of PR. Unhindered by a lack of cheesy jokes and creativity, the young entrepreneurs set up the following campaigns, each worth a deeper look:


- The sex symbol campaign. Underwear brand Pockies – known for the boxer with pockets – launches a campaign aimed at men who especially do NOT meet the beauty ideal. Read more at;

- A €25,000 pair of underwear. The guys from Pockies have come up with another great stunt. We know: the gents who thought it necessary to bring boxers with pockets to the market are a bit nuts. And this joke tops them all. 'This is the most expensive pair of underwear in the world, no joke.' Read more at;

- Become rich while sleeping in your boxers. The Facebook post by Pockies received hundreds of responses in just a few hours. Not surprising: the underwear brand offers people to 'become rich while sleeping'. All you have to do is lie on the couch in a pair of boxers. Continue reading at


4: Crowdfunding for a new kidney

In 2014, KesselsKramer came up with a creative plan: a crowdfunding campaign for a new kidney for Razia Santoe. Of course, it is illegal to buy a new kidney. But with this, KesselsKramer managed to draw attention, thanks to Ms. Santoe, to the lack of donors. (Before the new donor law, the shortage of donors was alarming.)


This is whatAD wrote about Santoe: “Kidney patient Razia Santoe (38) is looking for a kidney donor through crowdfunding. As far as known, this has not been done before in the Netherlands, reports De Volkskrant today. A professional advertising agency made a slick advertisement and via her website, Santoe hopes to raise money.”


This action not only made it into numerous newspapers and radio programs but also garnered attention on national television. You can watch the interview with Jeroen Pauw throughthis link.


In conclusion

It is clear that creativity is rewarded. Anyone who comes up with a shareable campaign can thus score in the national press. These four examples are just a slice of the possibilities offered by PR campaigns. Regularly check's blog to find more such campaigns.

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