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Often, a message is relevant or even interesting for multiple target groups. By making a few small changes to the message, you can score with various media demographics. This is how you go about it. **Different Target Groups** Often, a company is relevant for multiple sectors. Take DatHuis, for example. The real estate agent comparator is relevant in several aspects. The company is a startup and has developed a solution that is relevant for the real estate market. But newsworthy content from DatHuis is also gladly shared with startup magazines such as Sprout and real estate trade journals like Vastgoedjournaal. This maximizes the return from the generated content. But there’s even more that’s possible. With a few small adjustments, such a message can reach even more target groups. In this chapter, you’ll discover, using the example of DatHuis, how to tackle this. **The Press Release for National Press** Let's first consider the press release from DatHuis intended for the national press. This led to nationwide media attention for the Amsterdam-based startup, including publications in the Parool, de Telegraaf, RTL Z, and daily newspaper Metro. Here is the press release in question. **Poor Real Estate Agent Yields Ten Percent Less in Home Sales** *National startup DatHuis launched to make the real estate agent market transparent* The selling price of comparable homes can vary by about ten percent depending on which real estate agent sells the house. This was revealed by research done by real estate agent comparator DatHuis among 375 homes and over 150 real estate agents. The startup DatHuis will be launched on March 22 across the Netherlands and makes the experience in a particular neighborhood and price range, fees, and popularity of real estate agents transparent, which makes the real estate agent market more transparent. “It's alarming how little information is available about selling agents when the right agent can sell your house for up to 95 thousand euros more. By making the qualities of selling agents transparent, a real choice becomes possible. This encourages agents to differentiate themselves and ultimately benefits both the consumer and the agent,” says Joel Konijn, CEO of DatHuis. This content scores because the message: - Centers on a problem (less money from sales) - Presents current news (startup launched today) - Is urgent (Consumers are losing tens of thousands of euros) - Appears objective (a study) - Is nationally relevant (startup is launched throughout the Netherlands). The urgency of the problem and the solution is captured in the first paragraph and the headline. How can this be made relevant for even more target groups? **1. Local Media** The first quick-win for many brands that want to become better known in the media is by adding local relevance to a message. In this case, you could talk about local real estate agents. DatHuis's press release was picked up by and shows what is possible by making content more locally relevant. **A full-service real estate agent from Utrecht sells your house for an average of 10% more** A good real estate agent sells your house for about ten percent more. This was revealed by research from the comparator site DatHuis on the best and worst-performing real estate agent in Amsterdam. **2. Trade Journals of the Target Group** By zooming in more on the role a real estate agent can play – positively or negatively – even more urgency is created for real estate journals. This article in the Vastgoedjournaal shows how a site read by real estate agents presents this news. This message focuses less on the consumer's interest (higher income from the sale of the house) but more on the performance of real estate agents (which is relevant for the real estate target group). **‘Real Estate Agent has up to 10% Influence on the Sale Value of a Property’** A real estate agent does indeed influence the final selling price of a house. This was shown by research from real estate agent comparator DatHuis among 375 houses and over 150 real estate agents. The selling price of comparable houses can differ by up to 10%. **3. Other Trade Journals** As a tech startups, DatHuis's solution is also relevant for magazines like Sprout and the pitch section of BNR where startups are allowed to present themselves. By focusing more on the technical solution, the societal problem, and startup ambitions (to make the real estate agent market transparent), relevance is created for these trade journals. **Conclusion** Have you written a press release and are looking for opportunities to offer it to more media? Then ask yourself: how can I make this relevant for other target groups? By constantly placing yourself in the target group of a specific medium, you’ll discover how to make a press release relevant for that demographic. This ensures that your press release can achieve a higher ROI (return on investment). Learn to think like a journalist of national, local, and trade publications and you'll have an edge over the competition.

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