Match on 6+ characteristics

When compiling a press list manually, you may miss something. Our algorithm automatically matches your press release with the correct journalists. This is done, among other things, on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Recent written articles
  • Keywords
  • Medium
  • Sentiment
  • Country
  • Social media profiles

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Precision-Targeted PR: Presscloud's AI Curates Your Ideal Journalist Match

Maximize Press Engagement with AI-Driven Press List Matching

Unlock unparalleled precision in your PR campaigns with Presscloud's AI Press Lists™, where technology streamlines the way you connect with journalists. Our sophisticated algorithm meticulously analyzes your press release content to match you with the most relevant media professionals. This means your story lands in the hands of those most likely to amplify your message. No more guesswork or hours spent compiling lists; our AI considers recent articles, keywords, mediums, sentiment, country, and social media profiles to ensure a perfect match. With Presscloud, you can confidently distribute your press release, knowing it will reach the right people and increase your chances of coverage. Recognized by prominent industry names like Entrepreneur and Emerce, Presscloud AI is the future of targeted press release distribution. Register with Google today and experience the next level of media outreach tailored just for you.