A small selection of our Media Monitoring features.

Monitor keywords


Track specific keywords so you stay informed of all publications relating to your brand, product or service.

Real-time alerts


Stay informed of important media developments from your own company or a competitor with real-time email notifications.

Track competitors


Gain insight into the mentions of competitors in the media and use this to improve your PR strategy.

Search profiles


Set up multiple search profiles to stay informed of different topics and keywords.

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Essential Media Monitoring: Master Your Press Release Presence

In the dynamic landscape of public relations, staying informed about who is mentioning your brand is not just important—it's essential. Media monitoring for press releases is the cornerstone of an agile PR strategy, enabling you to keep a pulse on your digital footprint across various media channels. With the ability to follow specific keywords, you'll receive instant notifications whenever your brand, product, or service is discussed, giving you the power to react promptly to the latest narratives shaping your industry.

By registering with our media monitoring tool, you can harness the prowess of real-time alerts. These timely updates are crucial, especially when they concern your company or your competitors, allowing you to stay one step ahead in the ever-competitive market. The importance of media monitoring extends to understanding your competitors' movements as well. Tracking competitor mentions can unveil opportunities to pivot your PR tactics, ensuring your approach remains innovative and effective.

Our platform, recognized by esteemed outlets like The Entrepreneur, Emerce, BNR, and Marketing Tribune, offers a suite of features tailored for comprehensive media surveillance. Monitor keywords and set up bespoke search profiles to cover a spectrum of topics and keywords relevant to your business. With this granular control, you can dissect vast amounts of media data to extract actionable insights.

Whether you're looking to bolster your PR strategy or gain an edge over your competitors, our media monitoring features provide you with the tools to elevate your brand's media presence. Sign up today and transform the way you monitor press releases, with the assurance that you'll never miss an important story about your company again.