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A journalist will be happy to use your content. Do you want articles about your brand to appear? Make sure there is enough content available. Add all your logos, atmosphere pictures and other style elements. This increases the chance of publication.

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Create your own press list, in which all journalists relevant to your brand can be found. This makes it easy for you to send a press release to your media list.

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With our AI tools, you can efficiently and effectively distribute your press release. Our AI Generator helps you create attractive and relevant press releases and our AI Press Listens make sure your messages reach the right journalists and publications.

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Presscloud Media Database: Your Gateway to Media Contacts

Presscloud’s Media Database is a treasure trove for any PR professional seeking to make a mark with their press releases. With over 5,000 journalists from various media outlets, including newspapers, radio, TV, and specialized trade magazines, finding the right contact has never been easier. Our dynamic database is meticulously categorized and regularly updated to reflect journalists' current interests, ensuring your content reaches receptive ears. In addition to utilizing our comprehensive journalist database, Presscloud allows you to manage your own media contacts within a secure section of the website, guaranteeing that your press release resonates with the right audience. Our platform doesn't just provide contacts; it ensures they are tailored to fit the unique needs of your brand. With tools to create customized press lists and an interface that enables rapid press release creation and distribution, your PR efforts can be as efficient as they are effective. Sign up and start harnessing the power of a well-connected media presence, endorsed by trusted names such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.