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There are companies that ponder over who should be their voice. Whether it's possible or advisable to have multiple people represent them in the media. This article explains the ins and outs of this.

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There are companies that question who should be their voice. Whether it is possible or advisable to have multiple people represent them in the media. This article explains how that works.

Common questions about spokespersons

How many spokespersons do companies typically have? Who should (or may) speak if we are interviewed? Why is it useful if the director always speaks? The answer to these questions is as brief as it is clear.

I advise smaller organizations, SMEs, startups, and scale-ups to choose one (1) spokesperson. This should be someone who is on the management team, a founder or director. He or she is responsible for the company's direction and can discuss operational matters. He (m/f) knows enough about the sector they are in.

Reasons to convince a spokesperson

Are you hesitant about speaking up in the media? Does your director or founder feel any reluctance to talk to the press? There are several good reasons to choose a spokesperson:

-       Visibility in media is all about recognition. In fact, brands and founders often form pairs in our minds. Bill Gates – Microsoft, Blendle – Alexander Klöpping, etc.; 

-       The visibility of a brand contributes to business goals. Speaking to the media is therefore in the interest of the company; 

-       Ideally, you want to invest just once in media training. By appointing a spokesperson, you save on media training costs;

-       Allowing one person to gain experience in dealing with the press leads to the most effective learning curve. Blunders become the price paid for learning and opportunities for development.

Yet an expert?

If issues become exceptionally complex, then it may be worth considering choosing an expert from the field for a media performance. But essentially this means: I, as a CEO, founder or director, do not know enough about my business. And that is a bigger problem than the lack of a suitable spokesperson. You are effectively having someone else take the heat, whom you should be guiding yourself.

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