Avoid these words in your press release

Writing a press release requires careful word choice to avoid sounding commercial. This blog offers six PR tips and focuses on avoiding certain words.

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You might be in the midst of writing a press release right now, especially if you're not using our AI generator. In that case, it is important to consider which words you want to use and which you don't. In this article, you will find several words that should never be in your press release, at least if you want it to be published.

Six PR tips

One step back. With PR, you want to make your brand more known because it drives more traffic to your site, positions the organization as an expert, or simply launches a new brand. To achieve that, here are six PR tips you should follow:

  1. Remember that PR is not advertising;
  2. Ask yourself if something is truly newsworthy;
  3. Avoid words that make your press release sound commercial;
  4. Be careful with your press contacts;
  5. Don't send your release to 10,000 journalists;
  6. Stick to your core message during an interview.
Avoid these words in your press release

In this blog, we zoom in on tip #3. To keep your press release effective and professional, we strongly advise avoiding certain words. These words make your press release sound too commercial, resulting in journalists being less likely to publish it. Here are the words you should avoid:

  • Special
  • Unique
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Exceptional
  • Distinctive
  • Advantageous
  • Cheaper
  • Better
  • Best
  • Right now
  • Strange times
  • Special times
  • Crazy year
  • Number one for years
Why avoid these words?

The reason you should avoid these words is that they are too commercial and subjective. A good press release is objective and factual. Journalists want content that they can directly adopt without modifications. If your press release is objective and neutral, you increase the chances of it being published.

Judge for yourself: you have launched a new product and you want to bring it to attention with a press release. Would you then write: "Our unique product is the best solution for these special times"? Maybe in your own marketing messages, but for a press release, it's better to formulate it as follows: "Our new product offers an innovative solution to current challenges." This keeps your press release factual and avoids subjective and commercial language.


Why shouldn't you include the above list of words in a press release? Because they are too commercial. A good press release is objective so that a journalist can adopt the content one-to-one. This way, you end up in the news more often and readers will naturally discover that your company is the best, most advantageous, and number one for years. By focusing on objective and factual information, you increase your chances of publication and build a strong, credible reputation.

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