Creating attractive headlines: here's how

A powerful headline is essential for the success of your press release. Here are some tips to create attractive headlines that capture your audience's attention.

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A powerful headline is essential for the success of your press release. It's the first thing a journalist sees and determines whether they read further. But how do you create a headline that stands out and evokes curiosity? Here are some tips and strategies to create attractive headlines that capture the attention of your audience.

Why is a good headline important?

A good headline is crucial because it opens the door to the rest of your content. It must immediately spark the reader's interest and prompt them to read on. In a journalist's crowded inbox, a catchy headline can make the difference between being read or ignored. On to the tips!

1. Keep it short and powerful

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases daily, so you must grab their attention quickly. Keep your headline short and powerful, ideally between 6 and 12 words. Make every word count and avoid unnecessary information. Example: instead of: "Leading tech company XYZ introduces a groundbreaking new product line that will change the market" Use: "XYZ launches groundbreaking product line"

Presscloud example: Two months ago, De Bonte Koe sent a press release via Presscloud titled: "24/7 chocolate: opening of the first chocolate vending machine in The Hague". Only 8 words, but still catchy. Short but powerful! 

2. Use active language

Active language makes your headline more dynamic and appealing. Avoid passive constructions and use strong verbs to communicate action directly. Example: instead of: "A new product line is being introduced by XYZ" Use: "XYZ introduces new product line"

Presscloud example: 
Alpaca Baby Care was launching a line of 100% natural care products specifically designed for moms and their precious little ones. Of course, this required a press release via Presscloud. In line with tip 2: their title became "Alpaca Baby Care introduces 100% natural baby care". 

3. Make it specific and informative

A good headline gives a clear picture of what the reader can expect without giving too much away. Specific information attracts the reader more than vague claims. Example: instead of: "XYZ launches something new" Use: "XYZ launches AI-driven marketing tool".

Presscloud example: Atlantis Cyber Security proudly announced the launch of Nautilus. Since it's quite specific - an OT and IoT Cybersecurity Platform - the press release title was as well. By mentioning this specific information, they immediately captured the attention of interested readers.

4. Evoke curiosity

However, a bit of mystery can also prompt the reader to read on. Use questions, numbers, or interesting facts to evoke curiosity. Example: "How XYZ's new AI tool is changing marketing" "5 Reasons why XYZ's new product is a game-changer". 

Presscloud example: A good title can even save lives. That statement needs clarification. The Dutch Resuscitation Council debunked via a Presscloud press release myths surrounding resuscitation. If that doesn't evoke curiosity, we don't know what will.


Creating attractive headlines requires practice and creativity. By using short, powerful, active, and specific language and evoking curiosity and emotion, you can create headlines that stand out and capture attention. At Presscloud, we are happy to help you optimize your PR strategy, including creating the perfect headlines for your press releases. Together, we'll ensure your company gets the attention it deserves.

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