Cucumber time in the media world: use it

It's cucumber time, also called 'silly season', which means the threshold to get into the news is much lower. Here’s why ánd how you could take advantage of it.

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Finally, summer is coming! However, that also means cucumber time: the period when the news supply is low. Journalists are then looking for news to fill newspapers, websites, and programs. This offers opportunities for you as an entrepreneur to generate media attention.

What is cucumber time?

Cucumber time, also called 'silly season', is the quiet summer period when there is little major news. It actually derives its name from cucumbers, which are in season during the summer months. As a result from cucumber time, the publication threshold is lower and news is more quickly regarded as interesting. This is the ideal moment to approach the press with your story.

Less competition

During this vacation period, far fewer press releases are sent out, which means your press release faces less competition and has a higher chance of being picked up. This provides a unique opportunity to gain media attention that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Despite the summer vacation, the public continues to follow the news. People scroll through news apps, websites, and watch TV, even on vacation or at home on the couch. So, you don't need to worry that no one will see your news.

How to make use of cucumber time

To make the most of cucumber time, it's important to adjust your PR strategy accordingly. Start by planning your press releases during this quiet period. Ensure that your news stories are interesting and relevant, even without major news to compete against. Prepare your messages and have them ready to send as soon as cucumber time begins.

Additionally, it's useful to review your press list and ensure you have the right contacts in the media who remain active during the summer. Target journalists who are still looking for news and offer them exclusive stories. By timing your message well and tailoring it to the seasonal interests of your audience, you can ensure your news stands out and gets the attention it deserves.


Cucumber time offers an excellent opportunity to get into the media. The lower threshold for news and less competition make it an ideal time to tell your story. Ensure your press release is newsworthy, relevant, and well-written. At Presscloud, we are happy to help you optimize your PR strategy and take advantage of these opportunities. Make use of cucumber time and give your company the media attention it deserves!

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