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In media outlets such as FD, De Ondernemer, and Sprout, numerous news articles about businesses can be found. This publicity often leads to increased revenue. Therefore, it's essential to learn to think like a journalist and generate publicity and brand awareness. But what if you're missing inspiration or time? No problem. Have your press release written by Presscloud.

The added value of a good press release

A good press release can mean a lot for your business. It can lead to increased brand awareness and publicity, ultimately boosting your revenue. At Presscloud, we continually share new tips and insights on our PR Academy to help you write an effective press release. With these tips & tricks, entrepreneurs can quickly see the value of PR. And the best part? With the Presscloud AI Generator™, you can have a professional press release written within 5 minutes.

Help with writing a press release

Presscloud makes PR even more accessible by helping you write a press release. Our AI tool scans your website, social media, and previous articles to generate a fully formatted press release. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a free account: Create a free account on Presscloud.
  2. Campaigns: Click on "Campaigns" and start generating your press release.
  3. Select topics: Based on your website and other sources, our AI generates various topics.
  4. Write press release: Select a topic and the Presscloud AI Generator™ will write your press release in a few minutes.
Practical example

Imagine you have a startup that produces sustainable clothing. You want to release a press release about your new collection made from recycled materials. With Presscloud, you only need to link your website and social media. The AI generator analyzes these sources and generates a topic such as "New sustainable clothing collection sets new standard in eco-friendliness". Then, the AI writes a complete press release, including quotes and relevant facts.


A well-written press release is a powerful tool to increase your brand awareness and grow your business. At Presscloud, we understand that writing a press release can be time-consuming. That’s why we offer a simple and efficient solution with our AI-driven tool. Create a free account today and discover how easy PR can be. With Presscloud, you can become your own PR agency in no time.

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Whether you are a sole proprietor, startup, or the communications advisor of a 3000+ employee company, Presscloud has the right solution for your communication needs.

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