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PR is essential to increase the findability and visibility of your brand. Discover how you can elevate your brand with PR.

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There are countless reasons why you should get started with PR, but let's focus on three key ways PR increases your brand's findability. In this article, we'll explain how PR enhances your organization's visibility and findability. 

PR is not advertising

In case you haven't read this blog, let's go back to the basics: what exactly is PR? PR, or Public Relations, is about distributing content through independent media. You do this by creating a relevant message for a specific medium (such as a newspaper, news site, blog, radio, or TV station) and sharing it with the editorial team. The editorial team then decides whether the content is relevant to their audience. Only then does your brand get a platform on the blog, site, radio, etc. Editors also have the freedom to present your content differently than you might want.

PR is not the same as advertising. It requires creativity, effort, and empathy to be relevant to editors. Your content only becomes news if editors find it relevant. Editorial teams are increasingly relying on third-party content, making PR more opportune than ever (something we also emphasized in this blog).

Three ways PR improves your findability

As promised, here are the three key ways PR increases your brand's findability. 

1. PR leverages the reach of media

Those who get attention on platforms like Business Insider, LINDA, or Emerce often notice a spike in website traffic. Readers wanting to know more about your company click through or search further. By landing publications, you leverage the reach of media.

At Presscloud, we also use PR to promote our brand. After our launch in April 2020, we saw thousands of visitors per day coming to our site thanks to articles in MarketingTribune, Emerce, and de Ondernemer. With PR, you ride on the traffic of independent media.

2. PR improves your SEO

Did you know that PR is good for your SEO ranking? Google rates news websites as highly reliable. Being mentioned on such a site immediately improves your position in Google.

Some companies even use PR as a tool to score links from independent news media, improving their position in Google search results. PR is also a great opportunity to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field.

3. You remain findable (for a long time)

PR ensures that your brand remains findable for a longer period. Once you score an article with a medium, you remain permanently findable on that site. PR is also a long-tail strategy.

An example: earlier in this blog, we referred to publications from four years ago about our founding. These articles are still read by startups looking for PR opportunities and wanting to take matters into their own hands. Thanks to these articles, visitors still come to our site. PR, therefore, offers long-term visibility.


PR contributes in multiple ways to the visibility and findability of your company. Anyone who wants to stand out would do well to delve into this marketing opportunity. By leveraging media reach, improving your SEO ranking, and ensuring lasting findability, PR makes your brand more visible and findable in the market.

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