What is PR? And how does PR work?

In this blog, we dive into the essence of PR and discover how this powerful tool helps companies tell their story.

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The world of Public Relations, or PR, is fascinating: every word counts and every media report can be a work of art. But what exactly does PR entail and how does it work? Read on and find out.

What is PR?

PR is more than just a tool: it is the art and science of managing communication between an organization and its audience. The goal? To form, maintain, and enhance the organization's image. PR is not advertising. While advertising is paid space, PR is earned attention. This means that instead of paying for space or airtime, you convince the media and the audience to voluntarily pay attention to your message.

How does PR work?

PR professionals use various tools and techniques to maintain relations with journalists, influencers, and direct target audiences. Press releases, events, social media, and even crisis management are just some of the methods that fall under the PR umbrella.

A practical example: Imagine a new sustainable fashion brand entering the market. The PR strategy might involve organizing a fashion show highlighting the environmentally friendly materials. Journalists from fashion and sustainability blogs are invited to attend the show. Following the event, press releases are sent out that highlight the highlights and ethical efforts of the brand. Through this approach, the brand can gain positive media attention without direct advertising costs.

The power of PR

A well-executed PR campaign can do wonders for a brand's image and credibility. It can shape public perception and even influence behavior, which ultimately can lead to higher sales and brand loyalty.


PR is an essential part of the marketing mix that helps bridge the gap between a company and its customers. Through effective communication and relationship management, companies can not only spread their message but also build trust and loyalty with their target audiences.

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