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News, news, news. When you're busy with news all day, you enhance yourself automatically. Below, we're proud to share some new features in Presscloud.

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When you're busy with news all day, you enhance yourself automatically. We also gain new insights, either from our own eureka moments or from the constructive feedback from you, our valued users. Naturally, we listen attentively. Therefore, we are proud to share some new features with you.

Personal profile picture

Steve Jeffes wrote a book about it: Appearance is Everything. There's a grain of truth in that, so we've built in the ability for you to add your own profile picture to your account. It makes your account look just a bit better! Note: it's still a business platform, so we recommend uploading your company logo in the correct dimensions - and not your latest vacation photo. Courtesy of: Imenza Support. 

Newsroom download

When sending a press release to the media via Presscloud, our software ensures that the press release can be easily copied 1-to-1 by journalists. In less formal terms: copy-paste. However, some users prefer to send the press release ready-made in a document (.docx or .pdf). At the same time, we also cater to the preferences of journalists, who are less inclined to constantly open documents before they can read the press release.

The ideal compromise? In your own Newsroom, you now have the option to download the press release in .docx and .pdf. Courtesy of: Batenburg Music.

Journalist categories

Some journalists write about everything: from cars to business news, from culture to innovation. We naturally include all of this in our database. After all, if you're manually adding journalists to a press list, you want to know what they write about. However, our database display doesn't improve if we show 20 categories per journalist.

To maintain both completeness and usability, we've set the display so that you see a maximum of 3 categories by default, unless you expand them manually: then you see all the categories! Courtesy of: ActionCOACH.

Database expansion

Of course, we are constantly working to improve our service. The essence of this is that our software tools must work optimally, but also that the recipient database must be as comprehensive and accurate as possible. In recent times, we have been busy supplementing our database. Successfully! We have gone from 12,000 journalists to 23,000 journalists. Almost a doubling! So you can choose from a significantly larger group, but of course, you don't have to pay extra for it. Courtesy of: Presscloud.

Improvement of Presscloud AI Generator™

We just mentioned it: our software tools should work as optimally as possible. When we notice that the Presscloud AI Generator™ can be used even better, we obviously act on it. A practical example: when it becomes clear that press releases starting with 'city, date -', like 'Amsterdam, June 14, 2024 -', are consistently published less frequently than press releases that do not have this, then our AI Generator is adjusted accordingly. 

Improvement of Agency module

Presscloud is there for every (small) entrepreneur, but also for marketing, communication consultancy, advertising, and PR agencies. Through our renewed Agency module, they can add PR even better to their service offering, thereby distinguishing their Agency from the competition and increasing value for their clients.

Bug fixes

For a constantly evolving SaaS company, you're bound to encounter bugs. A practical example: pages that we've taken offline but are still being referenced on another page. Result: Error 404: page not found. This, and other bugs, we have all fixed.

Do you have any tips or requests yourself? Feel free to contact us at support@presscloud.ai!

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