When should I send a press release?

One of the most frequently asked questions by companies that want to handle their own PR is: when should I send a press release to editors? Find out here.

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One of the most frequently asked questions by companies that want to handle their own PR is the following: when should I send a press release to editors? Find out here.

The news week

To answer this question, it is important to understand the term 'news week'. The news week runs from Monday to Friday - journalists also have weekends off. The rule of thumb is: the earlier you send your press release in this week, the higher the chance it will be published. The later in the week, the smaller the chance. The most extreme example is a press release sent at 4 PM on Friday, which usually results in very few publications. Therefore, many PR agencies choose to send press releases on Monday or Tuesday mornings.

Dynamics of an editorial office

It is useful to understand how an editorial office works. Journalists often consult with each other and their editor-in-chief before writing an article. This prevents duplicate content and ensures a consistent editorial direction. After you share a press release, the journalist needs time to read, assess, discuss with colleagues, and possibly provide feedback. If you send a press release on a Friday afternoon, there is barely any time to discuss it. If you send it on Monday or Tuesday, chances are you might see something back within the same week.

Research on PR

Our colleagues at Smart.PR also recently researched the best days to send press releases. Their research indicates that Tuesday and Thursday are the most effective days. Although they don't provide a comprehensive explanation, it seems logical that journalists on Monday might still be clearing out their inboxes and handling leftover work. There's no specific reasoning for Wednesday, but regarding Friday, they note that people are mainly looking forward to the weekend, which aligns with our own hypothesis.

Other rules

Here are some additional rules that might help you when sending a press release:

  • Don't send a press release on a Friday afternoon;
  • Avoid sending at the end of the day;
  • Postpone a release if there is a disaster or other dominating news story;
  • Take advantage of the slow news period: during the summer holidays, when news is sparse, is a good time to send press releases;
  • Contact regional newspapers or blogs in advance. By contacting a local newspaper two weeks in advance, you ensure it is on time.

There seems to be a consensus on sending press releases: the beginning of the week is the most effective. By sending a release at the start of the day, you increase the chances that it will be read. Following the other tips as well will increase your chances of success and ensure that your press release stands out and gets picked up by the media. Courtesy of Presscloud!

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