Why is Presscloud so cheap?

Users may become wary due to our low prices and doubt the quality of our platform. On the contrary! We explain why we are affordable and why this does not compromise on quality.

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A question we often hear is: "Why is Presscloud so inexpensive?" Users may become wary due to our low price and sometimes doubt the quality of our platform. But the situation is different! Here we explain why Presscloud is affordable and why this does not compromise on quality.

Our mission: PR for everyone

At our founding, years ago, our proposition was clear: to be the PR platform for everyone. The media even described us as the 'IKEA for PR'. Just like IKEA, we have always strived for accessibility and affordability. Our mission has remained unchanged: PR should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the size, experience, but above all, the budget of the company.

Accessible to all businesses

Whether you are a large agency, an SME, a startup, a scale-up, a freelancer, or any other type of company, at Presscloud you can get started with PR for a bargain price. We believe that PR should not be a luxury that only large companies can afford. Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story, gain brand recognition, and grow their brand. 

Efficiency and technology

The low costs of Presscloud are made possible by our efficient use of technology. By using advanced, yet cost-effective software solutions, we can keep costs low without compromising on quality. Our tools are designed to be easy to use, reducing the need for expensive support services.

Expectation management

At Presscloud, we believe in transparency. Our prices are clear and without hidden costs. It is all-inclusive, and what you see is what you get. This makes us not only affordable but also reliable. You know exactly what to expect without unpleasant surprises.

This benefits both sides: you know exactly what you get, but you also need to manage your expectations. Although we provide all the tools, you are in control.


At Presscloud, we stick to our original mission: making PR accessible to everyone. Our low prices reflect our efficiency, economies of scale, and commitment to transparency. We are proud of the quality we offer and want every company, big or small, to have the chance to shine in the media. Try it yourself and discover why so many companies choose us.

Small & large businesses trust Presscloud

Whether you are a sole proprietor, startup, or the communications advisor of a 3000+ employee company, Presscloud has the right solution for your communication needs.

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