PR for entrepreneurs

Everything PR agencies don't tell you

PR is a popular tool for growth hackers and entrepreneurs for a reason. By being mentioned in newspapers and blogs, your company will quickly become known to your target group. It is cheaper and more credible than advertising. But how do you go about that if you don't want or can't hire a PR agency? You will discover the answer to this question in this free webinar.

We teach you everything about Public Relations. Find out how to launch your startup through PR, how to become an authority in your market and how to make sure journalists see you as an expert. Learn to think like a journalist and discover how to make news. This way you no longer have to buy expensive advertisements. We also cover a number of successful news campaigns during this corona crisis.

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Program: Tips & Tricks to make your company more known thanks to free publicity
  • How does PR work?
  • How do you make news?
  • How do you build a relationship with a journalist?
  • What are the most common PR mistakes (and how do you avoid them)?
  • Corona update: Successful news campaigns during the time of corona