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Whitepaper: Everything PR agencies don't want to tell you!

Whitepaper: Everything PR agencies don't want to tell you!:
PR cases for B2C, B2B and startups

Our senior PR consultant teaches you everything about PR with this paper. He shares everything that he learned during his 8 years of experience about realising free publicity.

Practical tips and how-tos

This paper contains as many practical tips and how-tos as possible and as few philosophical considerations as possible. You will learn how to draw up a PR strategy and a PR calendar. You will learn what types of newsworthy content there is and how to write a good press release. You will also learn how to build a relationship with the press. Find out how to make an interview successful. This way, in combination with the Presscloud software, you are able to get started with PR yourself.

Clear language

This paper is free for a very simple reason: PR is currently not accessible enough for many companies. The PR of PR could be a lot better. We don't want to tire you with jargon and other difficult office words. This three-stage missile ends here.

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