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Claim Your Expert Status, or Risk Being Interchangeable

Why should you claim your expert status? Because markets don't work perfectly. PR helps to make the difference between providers clear. Here's how it works.

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Five Ways to Create News

Want to make news? Consider these five forms of news. This blog offers inspiration to get started with PR and to claim your thought leadership position.

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This Tactic Gains Support for PR

You want to get started with PR, but not all your colleagues are convinced of the usefulness of PR. This tactic gains support for PR and for newsworthy content.

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A Checklist: Is This News?

PR is playing an increasingly larger role in the marketing mix. But how do you create news? This checklist will guide you.

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Work on Your Brand, So You're Resistant to Fake News

I expect that (also Dutch) companies will more often become the victim of fake news in the near future. Here's what you can do against this modern curse.

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